3108 / 3308 Electric Deadbolts

RCI's 3 Series Mortise Mounted Electric Deadbolts are designed with a rugged narrow stainless steel faceplate making it ideal for a wide variety of applications.
The plug-in wire connectors make installations fast and easy, no more fumbling with wires and holding lock at the same time. Built in remote door status allows for remote monitoring of the door. Local sounder and Bi-color LED provides both audible and visual notification of door status or tampering.

The 3 Series Electric Deadbolt is available in either a Fail Locked (3108) or a Fail Unlocked (3308) model. Both models come with a programmable time delay relock setting of 0-10 seconds.

AccessHatch perimeter 2

• Storage Containers
• Cabinets
• Access Hatches

2 year


  • Narrow design to fit most door frames
  • Rugged stainless steel construction
  • Door Status Sensor for remote monitoring
  • Door position switch to ensure proper alignment before the bolt is extended
  • Request to Exit input for exit button or remote release
  • Built in sounder to let you know when door is released or held open
  • Bi-color LED to indicate lock status and delay period (remote mounted)
  • Programmable time delay settings for relock (0/3/6/10 sec.)
  • Available in 12-24VDC Fail Locked (FL) or Fail Unlocked (FUL) versions

2 Year Warranty

Insert Dimensions with faceplate
1-3/8"D x 8-1/4"H x 1"W
(35.0mm D x 209.6mm H x 25.4mm W)

Strike Plate Dimensions with Magnet
1/4"D x 3-5/8"H x 1"W
(6.5mm D x 91.7mm H x 25.4mm W)

Bolt Dimensions
1/2" Diameter x 9/16" throw
(12.7mm Diameter x 14.5mm throw)

Operating Voltage

Mode of Operation
Fail Unlocked 3308
Fail Locked 3108

DSS Output
COM, NO, NC Door Status Sensor, Max 0.2AMP @ 3VDC

Current Consumption
for 12VDC In Rush: 1.15A Normal: 0.25A /
for 24VDC In Rush: 0.62A Normal: 0.14A

Purple Wire: COM
Blue Wire: RED LED
Orange Wire: GREEN LED

Request to Exit Input
NO, momentary contact. Bolt will remain retracted as long as Brown Wire and Yellow Wire are contacted

Relock Time Delay
0, 3, 6, or 10 sec

Operating Temperature
14° to 104°F (-10° to 40°C)


Bi-Color LED Status
Extend Successfully Green blinks every 5 seconds
Wait for Extend Red blinks fast
Delay Period Red blinks slowly
Wait for Delay Start Red on (B Setting only)
Bolt Remains Retracted Red/Green blinks alternately


Sounder Status
Extend Successfully Beep! Beep!.
Extend Fail Beep!...Beep! 10 Seconds
Retract Successfully Beep!


Model Description Dimensions Mode Voltage Finish
3108 Mortise Mount Electric Deadbolt
Strike Plate: 1/4"D x 3-5/8"H x 1"W
Insert with faceplate: 1-3/8"D x 8-1/4"H x 1"W
Fail Locked 12 to 24VDC
Mortise Mount Electric Deadbolt
Strike Plate: 1/4"D x 3-5/8"H x 1"W
Insert with faceplate: 1-3/8"D x 8-1/4"H x 1"W
Fail Unlocked 
12 to 24VDC

NOTE: Life safety and building codes may vary. It is recommended that the AHJ (Authority Having Jurisdiction) confirm compliance prior to installation.

Fail Locked = Fail Secure = FL
Fail Unlocked = Fail Safe = FUL

Finish 32D - Brushed Stainless Steel